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Re: [RP] expose.pl rc

From: Kevin Geiss
Subject: Re: [RP] expose.pl rc
Date: Wed Jul 7 09:36:18 2004
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cool! works great once I patched ratpoison with your new actions.patch

I added an else so if you select a frame (i.e., fselect returns a number),
it makes that frame the only (just call &rp('only'))


On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 04:04:45PM +1000, Trent Buck wrote:
> Quoth Kevin Geiss on or about 2004-07-06:
> > I realize it was written with the hope that ratpoison would return
> > non-zero if fselect was aborted, but since ratpoison doesn't do that
> > now I was interested in changing the script a bit.
> Ratpoison now does that.  You need the TWBPatch and a new expose.pl. 
> I had to reverse the logic, so expose.pl now `requires' the patch (or
> addition of one extra character).
> :print is now much better to.
> I have tried to do some anchor thingies of the wiki, feel free to fix
> it if it's wrong.
> -trent
> -- 
> Duct tape is merely a physical manifestation of regexps.

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