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[RP] expose.pl rc

From: Kevin Geiss
Subject: [RP] expose.pl rc
Date: Tue Jul 6 15:54:12 2004
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hey, I was just playing with the release candidate of the expose.perl
script. It is totally awesome!

I realize it was written with the hope that ratpoison would return
non-zero if fselect was aborted, but since ratpoison doesn't do that
now I was interested in changing the script a bit.

first, the -i command flag isn't there any more, but the 'colon'
command works.

with this patch, when you run expose.perl you have to hit 'enter' to
get the fselect command to run. then once you pick a frame (just hit its
number) expose will make that frame the only. if you abort the fselect,
expose will make whatever frame has the focus the only. basically,
expose's ability to restore your frameset is disabled with this patch,
but it nicely lets you pick a frame and switch to it.

so once you bind expose to a key (i use e) all you have to do is
C-e EnterKey number

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