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Re: [RP] Error During Configure for Ratpoison Build

From: Doug Kearns
Subject: Re: [RP] Error During Configure for Ratpoison Build
Date: Thu Jul 8 08:54:23 2004
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On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 09:57:12PM +1000, Jean-Luc Picard wrote:


> checking readline/history.h usability... no
> checking readline/history.h presence... no
> checking for readline/history.h... no
> checking for add_history in -lhistory... no
> configure: error: *** Can't find History headers and libs
> --> where do I get these 'History' library files? I didn't see them listed 
> anywhere as a dependency. There's a 'history.c' and a 'history.h' in
> the src/ directory, but no readline/ directory.


or you can run configure with the --disable-history option.


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