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Re: [RP] calendar in sample.ratpoisonrc

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] calendar in sample.ratpoisonrc
Date: Thu Jul 8 20:01:01 2004

Quoth Kevin Geiss on or about 2004-07-08:
> I just tried it on my non-patched ratpoison on my athlon, and it
> works fine! (I had to change the tail to 'tail -n +2')

Probably your tail(1) has slightly different options to us.  It plays
hell with script writers.  (e.g. my copy of date(1) has -R == 822
format, but most don't.)

Maybe this change should be merged back in to ratpoison, since AFAIK
`-n +2' is more portable than `+2'.

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