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[RP] meta command strangeness

From: Daniel Webb
Subject: [RP] meta command strangeness
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 15:24:45 -0600
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Sigh.  So I'm trying to make some kind of scratched together macro facility
for ratpoison, but:

   1) xbindkeys/xmacro doesn't play nice with xterm:
        The remapped key is always dropped, even though I have allowSendEvents 

   2) xbindkeys/ratpoison -c meta KEY doesn't play nice with Firefox:
        If I hit the remapped key repeatedly, maybe 15% go through as expected 
and the
        rest are dropped.  The key remapping works fine in xterm/screen/vim.

Obviously something is wrong in both cases, but I don't know where the bugs

Any other way to implement keyboard macros with ratpoison?  Does anyone else
see a need for this, or are you just content to remap keys in every
application you use?  What do you do if you don't like the keys in an
application that doesn't have that feature?  Just deal with it is NOT an
acceptable answer... if I wanted my computer to tell me how I'm going to use
it I'd still be using Windows.  KDE has this ability but obviously I don't
want to use KDE either.

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