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[RP] Ratpoison configuration

From: Daniel Webb
Subject: [RP] Ratpoison configuration
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 18:25:26 -0600
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Thanks to everyone for help with getting Ratpoison up and running.  My
experience as a new user was that Ratpoison is the best window manager for a
power user, but that the initial experience is poor because it takes so long
to configure.  So I put together a configuration package available at


and also linked it on the wiki on the scripts page.  It includes much of what
I discussed here in the last week: 

  - named workspaces work, with toggle and with menus (based on rpws but heavily
  - the clipboard utility I wrote is included (based on xcb/xclip)
  - a basic keyboard macro utility script based on xbindkeys is included
  - an xinitrc is included for a simple example setup and with my real setup
    (based on examples on the web and from people on this list)

So I didn't write that much code I just wanted to put together a good complete
configuration example based on the best stuff that's already out there.

The goal is that it all works with a 5 minute install.  Please test it
and let me know if it meets my goal or if there are any bugs.  Also if there
are any basic features I should add that most users would want in a "basic"
configuration let me know that too.  I do want to keep it fairly simple, but I
also want to include features that most people use.

Thanks again for Ratpoison, this is what free software's all about.


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