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[RP] Getting ratbar to work

From: Nathan Huesken
Subject: [RP] Getting ratbar to work
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 14:44:16 +0100
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Hello together,

I am trying to get ratbar to work.
I downloaded the ratbar.pl file and made it executable. It is comlaining
that it does not find Gtk.pm!
I am under gentoo -> emerge gtk2-perl
No help.
I renamed every occurance of ¨Gtk¨ to ¨Gtk2¨ in the ratbar.pl file.
But I had to make some more changes:

Comment out Line 74:

I guess that is not really needed!

Comment out Line 78:

This does not sound good, but I do not know what timeout_add is replaced
with in Gtk2.
Anyhow, I tried it:

C-t : unmanage ratbar.pl

The menu is appearing! But no window list :(
Is this because of the missing timeout?

I want ratbar because I find it comforting to always see which windows
are opened.
Are there any other solutions for this?


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