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Re: [RP] Getting ratbar to work

From: Kipling Inscore
Subject: Re: [RP] Getting ratbar to work
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:47:26 -0800

On 11/25/07, Nathan Huesken <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am trying to get ratbar to work.

This is http://xenotrout.com/prog/ratbar/ratbar.pl
A script I wrote way back and didn't think to submit for inclusion in contrib.
This probably isn't the "correct" place for ratbar support...

> I downloaded the ratbar.pl file and made it executable. It is comlaining
> that it does not find Gtk.pm!
> I am under gentoo -> emerge gtk2-perl
> No help.
> I renamed every occurance of ¨Gtk¨ to ¨Gtk2¨ in the ratbar.pl file.
> But I had to make some more changes:
> Comment out Line 74:
> #window->border_width(0);
> I guess that is not really needed!
I don't like window borders is all.

> Comment out Line 78:
> #Gtk2->timeout_add(500,\&idle);
> This does not sound good, but I do not know what timeout_add is replaced
> with in Gtk2.
> Anyhow, I tried it:
> C-t : unmanage ratbar.pl
> ./ratbar.pl
> The menu is appearing! But no window list :(
> Is this because of the missing timeout?

Yep. Precisely that.
Looks like timeout_add has been replaced by
but it seems that this is not recommended, so
Gtk2->main_iteration should be used in a loop with idle, which isn't
defined on line 79...
I've done some cleanup and update. Fixed some of the hacks I shouldn't
have used in the first place...but I think the script is still a bit
One issue I haven't yet fixed (and may not since I don't use ratbar
myself anymore) is that the GTK2 version only refreshes on focus in or
out, which makes it pretty much useless.
If you don't want to fix the GTK2 version, emerge g-cpan and run
"g-cpan -i gtk".

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