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[RP] Ratpoison hangs when resizing panel

From: Marcin Kłapkowski
Subject: [RP] Ratpoison hangs when resizing panel
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 13:51:59 +0100


Debian Lenny
Ratpoison 1.4.3
Hangs when resizing.

When resizing windows, and not accept by Enter but point and click by
mouse into other window, my ratpoison hangs.
I can't switch into control seqence (Ctrl+t), and I can't use ratpoison
"Resizing window" text still exists, windows working by mouse, keyboard
is working, because i.e. in terminal i can write. By mouse pointing
active windows are changing, but control seqences are inactive.
I have to hardly restart ratpoison for normal work.
Error is repeatable.
Please help. Thank you for advance.

Marcin Kłapkowski

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