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[RP] Fw: Ratpoison hangs when resizing panel

From: Marcin Kłapkowski
Subject: [RP] Fw: Ratpoison hangs when resizing panel
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 14:15:38 +0100

New informations about my error.

My error wasn't ocurred by mouse, but clicking insert on numeric keypad.

I have my own keybindings. I attached important part:

bind    semicolon       colon
bind    colon           exec
bind    KP_2            prev
bind    KP_Next         prev
bind    KP_3            next
bind    KP_Down         next
bind    KP_Enter        colon
bind    KP_Divide       hsplit
bind    KP_Multiply     split
bind    KP_Subtract     remove
bind    KP_Add          resize
bind    KP_Insert       curframe
bind    KP_0            curframe
bind    KP_End          windows
bind    KP_1            windows
bind    KP_Begin        focusdown
bind    KP_5            focusdown
bind    KP_Up           focusup
bind    KP_8            focusup
bind    KP_Left         focusleft
bind    KP_4            focusleft
bind    KP_Right        focusright
bind    KP_6            focusright
bind    grave           fselect

I have KP_Insert for control sequence, not Ctrl+t.
(numeric keypad, Insert key).
I checked it for fresh configuration with Ctrl+t, and was no errors.
Only error I have, when I have KP_Insert as control sequence key and use
it when resizing. Looks like some keys can't be as control sequence key.
Sorry for disinformation. Still, my question is. Why?

Początek przekazywanej wiadomości:

Data: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 13:51:59 +0100
Od: Marcin Kłapkowski <address@hidden>
Do: address@hidden
Temat: Ratpoison hangs when resizing panel


Debian Lenny
Ratpoison 1.4.3
Hangs when resizing.

When resizing windows, and not accept by Enter but point and click by
mouse into other window, my ratpoison hangs.
I can't switch into control seqence (Ctrl+t), and I can't use ratpoison
"Resizing window" text still exists, windows working by mouse, keyboard
is working, because i.e. in terminal i can write. By mouse pointing
active windows are changing, but control seqences are inactive.
I have to hardly restart ratpoison for normal work.
Error is repeatable.
Please help. Thank you for advance.

Marcin Kłapkowski

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