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[Straw-devel] warning, total breakage: first version of categories is ab

From: Juri Pakaste
Subject: [Straw-devel] warning, total breakage: first version of categories is about to land
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 02:46:57 +0200

If using CVS: wear a helmet, and take a backup copy of your ~/.straw.

I am going to commit the things I have done to get feed categories
working RSN. Which is quite a lot of changes. Now, it seems to work for
me, at least many parts of it do, but don't be surprised if it doesn't
work for you. Please don't file bugs on this quite yet, rather just bug
me on IRC or send email to this list.

Stuff I know that doesn't work: 

- preferences dialog's feed list. It doesn't even try, at the moment.
Hopefully we can get rid of it, because the addition of categories most
certainly didn't make the feed list any simpler.
- deletion of categories.

I just fixed the space bar scrolling/navigation, but probably other
things are broken, I have done very little reading with this version.
One thing I haven't tried but that is most probably broken is addition
of categories if you haven't selected anything.

I'd like to hear your input on some of the visual things: at the moment,
I use the open image as the button in the toolbar. It's mainly because
it looks like a folder. It's probably not a good idea, however, because
I guess it doesn't have to look like that everywhere. And I guess we
should have the icon also in the list? Or are the expand/collapse arrows
sufficient? I guess they aren't, as they aren't visible if a category is

Most of the things aren't set in stone and can still shift around.

[ Juri Pakaste / address@hidden / ]

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