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[Straw-devel] now, thinking about the alternatives...

From: Juri Pakaste
Subject: [Straw-devel] now, thinking about the alternatives...
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 11:43:40 +0200

Of course, now that one way of doing categories is almost ready, it's
just about the right time to start thinking about the alternatives!

Now, I'm not saying the current way of doing things is bad or that the
alternatives I'm writing out are necessarily better, it's just something
to think about and to discuss.

First: is hierarchy really a good idea? Would it be better if we had a
number of categories instead, defined by the user in another place, and
you could just associate feeds with those, possibly with any number of

Second: is the tree view really the best view to display these?
Obviously not if we (ha ha, as if this was a democracy :-) decided that
we wanted the associate feeds with categories thing (see above), but
even with the feeds really in a hierarchy, as they are now, would it be
better to use an alternative display method? Jan showed me a screenshot
of another news reader - was it feeddemon or something like that? - that
had an apparently linear list of subscriptions, with a category drop
down box above the list. Would that be preferable?

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