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Re: [Straw-devel] now, thinking about the alternatives...

From: Jan Alonzo
Subject: Re: [Straw-devel] now, thinking about the alternatives...
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 21:51:29 +1100

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 20:43, Juri Pakaste wrote:
> Of course, now that one way of doing categories is almost ready, it's
> just about the right time to start thinking about the alternatives!
> Now, I'm not saying the current way of doing things is bad or that the
> alternatives I'm writing out are necessarily better, it's just something
> to think about and to discuss.
> First: is hierarchy really a good idea? Would it be better if we had a
> number of categories instead, defined by the user in another place, and
> you could just associate feeds with those, possibly with any number of
> them?

uhm.. like VFolders and stuff?

> Second: is the tree view really the best view to display these?
> Obviously not if we (ha ha, as if this was a democracy :-) decided that
> we wanted the associate feeds with categories thing (see above), but
> even with the feeds really in a hierarchy, as they are now, would it be
> better to use an alternative display method? Jan showed me a screenshot
> of another news reader - was it feeddemon or something like that? - that
> had an apparently linear list of subscriptions, with a category drop
> down box above the list. Would that be preferable?

It would be cool if we do that. We should ask the gnome-usability people
about this. :)

Jan Alonzo <address@hidden>

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