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[Toon-members] std::vector overload to use with TooN ( Dynamic Matrix as

From: Gabriel Nützi
Subject: [Toon-members] std::vector overload to use with TooN ( Dynamic Matrix assembling)
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 12:24:15 +0200

Hello all

I have a question , and I don't know how to solve this as good as possible:

I have an iteration in which I always assemble new Matrices (m x 7)  dynamically, so I do not know how big they become in each iteration, the size m varies, 

Is there a way of realizing this either with TooN or with overloads in std::vector< Vector<7> >   efficiently
The only way I can push rows in my Matrix dynamically is with std::vector ....

I was searching for a way to make this compatible with TooN and efficient (I dont want to copy heaps of data around) ? But I ve come up so far only with a overload in std::vectors

wrote the  fallowing overload:

//Specialized Template vor Vector<>
template <int N1, int N2, typename P, typename B>
Vector<Dynamic,P,B> operator*(const std::vector<Vector<N1,P,B> >& x, Vector<N2,P,B> &y)
    Vector<Dynamic,P,B> v(x.size());
v= Zeros;
for (int m=0; m< x.size();m++) {
for (int n=0; n<y.size(); n++) {
v[m] += x[m][n] * y[n];
return v;

Does anyone know why the error happens here: 

vector<Vector<3> > A;
Vector<> a = makeVector(2,2,2);
Vector<> c = A * a ;
Vector<> b = A * ( A * a );   // ERRRRROOOOOORRRRRR  (but why))

Would be very helpful if anyone could tell me how I should do this to make it efficient , and why this ERROR happens?

Thanks alot for your support!


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