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Mac OS X port of 1.2.8, second try...

From: Lindsey Spratt
Subject: Mac OS X port of 1.2.8, second try...
Date: 5 Mar 2002 15:59:26 -0600

I have finally posted my current version of the Mac OS X 1.2.8 port to my
web site. The web page is:

The file (only one there, currently):

To run it you must execute the command line:

in the 'src' directory, followed by:

in the same directory. If you wish to have the gprolog "installed", then
you might use:
        sudo make install

This will prompt for your root/admin password, then install gprolog in
There is a brief discussion of various porting issues (including two
unresolved bugs) I encountered in a root level file named

Please, let me know how it works.


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