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Re: Prolog Syntax.

From: Hector Palacios
Subject: Re: Prolog Syntax.
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 16:42:31 -0400 (VET)

> 1. Why can't I create a new axiom in the interactive window?
> Ex. 
>   sunny_day.
>   father(bob, susan).

revisa assert en la documentacion.

> 2. I've checked the documentation entirely and there's no description of the 
> GNU-Prolog syntax. How is anyone supposed to figure out how comments are, or 
> what are the valid characters for an atom, variable or goal?
> 3. O.K. so I figured out that maybe the syntax was the same in the Prolog ISO 
> Standard, but I've been trying to access the link in the manual 
> ( for several days and it 
> just don't work. Does somebody knows why? (or where to find the standard?)


> 4. Does anyone knows of a tutorial or something alike that can help 
> GNU-Prolog newbies?

Yo ense?o programacion logica.
Revisa en mi pagina:

Hay varias cosas, casi todas recopiladas de varias
partes, pero pueden ser un punto de inicio.

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