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RE: Prolog Syntax.

From: Detlef Sax
Subject: RE: Prolog Syntax.
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 07:56:59 +0200 (CEST)

On 07-May-2002 Diego Fernando Rodríguez Varón wrote:
Good Morning.

> I'm new to logic programming and (obviously) GNU-Prolog.

> 2. I've checked the documentation entirely and there's no description of the
> GNU-Prolog syntax. How is anyone supposed to figure out how comments are, or

The GNU Prolog Syntax you mean, I guess, ist the Prolog Syntax at all.
There are several tutorials to the language itself on the net.

Here you can read a online tutorial on Prolog,
provided in several languages:
or try

Buying a book about Prolog isn't a bad advise too, if you're enjoying this
language. I started with a cheap school book some decades before, before I
bought my first 100$ book :-)
Nevertheless, I'm not a programmer. There too much things I've also to spend
my time.

> 4. Does anyone knows of a tutorial or something alike that can help
> GNU-Prolog newbies?

GNU Prolog itself comes along with a very good documentation.
Thank you Daniel Diaz.
The basics of the language cannot be covered in such a documentation,
but as a hint, look for the Example[PL,FD,C] directories in the source.

But please start with the links above to get a clue about this language.



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