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Re: Always the problem between gplc/gcc

From: bruno patin
Subject: Re: Always the problem between gplc/gcc
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 19:14:07 +0100
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Dear Roberto,

thank you very much. With your indication I solve my problem. It's the order of the library and objects that counts. You have to place first the obj_begin object then your objects and then the rest of the objects/library.

What surprise me is that the problem I had does not give life to an unresolved symbol because if a memory adress is defined only in obj_begin my code would not be able to build except if we rely upon the same segment but in this case why do an error occured ? I am at a loss.

I take my first list of object and library from a personn (he is in the copy list) that works with gtk and have no problem giving his objects before the library list of gnu prolog. Perhaps you have to use the constraints part ?? I don't know.

However, thank you again for your insight

ps : With that i take a look upon PPL. Great work


Roberto Bagnara wrote:

bruno patin wrote:

When I compile using gplc for the three files, no problem it works (I have to try exceptions but ...). When I produce objects by gcc for the c file and gplc for the pl files and then link with gplc, it works


Moreover, I only have to know what gplc do that gcc does not do to make my code work...

So, is someone willing to help me ?

Dear Bruno,

did you try to use the -v (--verbose) option of gplc?
If I remember correctly, it causes gplc to print the
commands it executes, thus showing you what it does.
It was thanks to this option that I discovered
some problems I was having were in fact due to a
misfeature in an old version of gplc (see
All the best


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