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Re: Constraining two vectors to be different

From: LECONTE Jean Michel
Subject: Re: Constraining two vectors to be different
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:43:43 +0200
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a possible solution is that you construct the goal you want at the runtime :

% with vectDif2 you construct the goal
vectDif2([],[],1#=2).  % not very nice i know
         G= ((A#\= C) #\/ G2). 

        vectDif2(V1,V2,G), % you construct the goal
        G.   % you call it

hope that will aide you

Jean Michel

Quoting Thomas Bourdeaud'huy <address@hidden>:

> Yes, but the problem is that the size of vectors may change with the
> applications ...
> Is it possible to define a predicate like : 
> vectDif([],[]).
> vectDif([E1|R1],[E2|R2]):-
>       (E1 #\= E2) #\/ vectDif(R1,R2). 
>       I have tried but Gprolog doesn't like the second member ...
> Or anything defined with a negation : not(Vect1 #= Vect2) for example ? 
> Thanks
> Thomas

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