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Re: Programmatically consulting a prolog file

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Programmatically consulting a prolog file
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 19:43:22 +0200
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are you sure pl2wam.exe is in your PATH variable (pl2wam is called by consult/1 to compile the Prolog file before loading) ?

You can also use Pl_Get_Exception() to obtain the term associated to the exception raised by consult/1. You can for instance display it on the stdout using:


for Pl_Write_Simple() you can add the following

    void Pl_Write_Simple(PlTerm term_word);

If you cannot solve the problem give us the message of the exception.


josh b a écrit :

I'm trying to access Prolog from within my C++ code (Using Visual C++ 2008 Express). I have it mostly working now. I am able to successfully write a C++ program, build it (In MSVC, not using glpc) and call predicates like write/1 and absolute_file_name/2. However, I have my own Prolog files I wish to consult from within the C ++code.

I figured I'd just call the consult/1 predicate with the name of the .pl file. But the Pl_Query_Call returns a PL_EXCEPTION. I even tried using absolute_file_name/2 to construct the filename for consult/1 (To be 100% sure I was using the right name). Sure enough, absolute_file_name/2 can find the file, but consult/1 still fails.

Here is an excerpt from my code:
int func;
PlTerm arg[10];
int res;

Pl_Start_Prolog(argc, argv);

//This correctly unifies arg[1] with the absolute file name of, e:/
func = Pl_Find_Atom("absolute_file_name");
arg[0] = Pl_Mk_String("");
arg[1] = Pl_Mk_Variable();
res = Pl_Query_Call(func, 2, arg);

//This should load in all predicates in the file
func = Pl_Find_Atom("consult");
arg[0] = arg[1];
res = Pl_Query_Call(func, 1, arg);

Yet, it just returns and exception. Even if I try to proceed and try to Pl_Find_Atom on any of the predicates from the file, they just fail.

I also tried adding the argument "--init-goal consult('e:/')" to argv in Pl_Start_Prolog. No dice there either.

I'd really like to do my work from with the MSVC IDE, so any help with programmatically consulting the prolog file would be much appreciated.


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