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uncaught exception

From: Csányi Pál
Subject: uncaught exception
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 11:38:41 +0200


I searched the mailing list's archive and found exactly one such a
thread with this  topic. I don't found any useful advices for this
problem out there.

So, the problem is as follows.

My operating system is ArchLinux and there I have instaled gprolog out there.

I found several tutorials on the Internet. In every case when I'm
trying to consult a prolog program at gprolog prompt, I get the
message eg.:

| ?- [].
uncaught exception: error(syntax_error('user_input:2 (char:11) , | ]
or operator expected in list'),read_term/3)
| ?-

The was edited in Emacs and has the following contents:


So what is the problem, why can't I consult this file into gprolog?

Regards from Pal

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