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[Varnamproject-discuss] Issues

From: Kevin Martin
Subject: [Varnamproject-discuss] Issues
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 15:56:25 +0530

Solved all issues except #64, #69, #56 and #55

#69 - stem() should not be util.h. No idea where to put stem(). The only downside of not putting it in a header file is that the tests won't work. If we do not have direct access to stem(), we will have to call varnam_learn() and then see if the stemmed word was learned (by querying the db) to test the stemmer functionality.

#64 - make get_stem() more efficient.
The prepared statements have been stored in handle->internal. Still figuring out how to use the lru cache and where.

#55 - I used to run valgring on examples/stemmer.c. Since that example is now removed from the project, how should I run the valgrind tests? An option is to run it on examples/learning since varnam_learn() calls stem().

#56 - integrate stemmer.

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