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[Weaver-framework] Some suggestions...

From: Cojocaru Alexandru
Subject: [Weaver-framework] Some suggestions...
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 17:34:23 +0100

Here are some suggestions, feature requests and bug reports:
- When adding a new pair of files (.c/.h) with `weaver' it should *not* add an
  #include "filename.h"
 in all others .h files. It should at most add an `include' statement in game.h;
- It would be nice if you used the autotools 
- I don't need fullscreen, can you add the possibility to specify screen 
- Use pkg-config with libpng too, it fails to compile under Parabola 
- Put `-Wl,-as-needed' in CFLAGS, in thiw way libraries not needed will not be 
- The correct way to declare global variables, is to put an
   extern int foo;
  in `some_file.h' and
   int foo;
  in `some_file.c'.
- Under GNU files ending in ~ are backup files. Weaver should not remove them.

Best regards,
Cojocaru Alexandru

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