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Japanese EUC-JP support for a2ps

From: SATO Satoru
Subject: Japanese EUC-JP support for a2ps
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 02:46:05 +0900


I'm trying to quick hack the a2ps dists. to support Japanese EUC-JP 
encoding. Now almost of this work has finished but I don't know how
to generate configure from configure.in, etc. Would you like to tell
me that?

Add to this,

a2ps seems to be one of the best filter - text(or other formats) to 
Postscript, but I'm verry sorry that it _can't_ handle the files
written in (asian) multibyte encodings. So, NLS is not finished in
a2ps yet and would you change the notation on the web
"Internationalization is done"?

("Internatinalization of _messages_ is finished" is better, I think.)

PS. ja.po (Japanese; I've written) is already ready.

SATO Satoru

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