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problem printing html source

From: McIllece
Subject: problem printing html source
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 09:36:37 -0600 (MDT)


I am trying to print some html source code.  I just want a hardcopy of the 
source itself.  When I do

  a2ps z.html

I get:

  sh: psnup: not found
  cat: /tmp/a2_AAA8Ia4Xd: No such file or directory
  netscape: not running on display :0.0
  netscape: not running on display :0.0
  [z.html (html, delegated to Netscape): failed.  Ignored]
  [No output produced]

(which prints nothing, of course)

If I change the filename to just "z" and do

  a2ps z

I get:

  [z (plain): 1 page on 1 sheet]
  request id is ssb-317-8k-6 (1 file)
  [Total: 1 page on 1 sheet] sent to the default printer

(which actually prints the file).

How can I print html source without removing the .html filename extension?

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