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Re: [Arx-users] Re: [Gnu-arch-users] State of the Arches

From: Kevin Smith
Subject: Re: [Arx-users] Re: [Gnu-arch-users] State of the Arches
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 22:13:14 -0500
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Thanks for cross-posting this. I have chosen to reply only to the ArX list, partly because I do not find the arch list to be a welcoming place. I suspect my comments above and below (and others that I choose not to make because they would be even more inflammatory) might lead to strong (and unproductive) reactions among the arch developers.

Feel free to cross-post this back if you really think it would be helpful.

`ArX' has fallen out of compatability, as far as I know, with `tla'
and `baz'.   It might be helpful, incidentally, for the greater
Arch community to help repair any residual personality rift between
Landry and I, at least enough to repair bidirectional compatability
between all branches.

Compatibility would be great, except that arch is just so complex. As far as I can tell, Walter has managed to capture the essential bits while shedding the complexity. I suppose arch power users would disagree, but for me, ArX hits the sweet spot.

I can't think of how any product could be data-compatible with arch and yet maintain this critical simplicity (and friendliness toward non-unix operating systems).

[While I was composing this, Walter posted a note describing many other incompatible data format changes that were made to add functionality.]

If bazaar/baz/baz-ng are able to simplify the arch UI dramatically, I would consider using one of them. I'm skeptical that they will be able to make enough changes, unless they also choose to abandon data compatibility with arch. But that's just speculation. ArX is here and working today.

My personal position is that ArX shares no code with arch, is not data compatible, and has a distinctly different command set. Thus, as far as I can tell, it is no longer part of the arch family of projects. It is, of course, a member of the community of distributed RCS projects which includes darcs and monotone.

Of course, I speak only for myself, and not for Walter or anyone else!


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