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Re: Site Macro Directory

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Site Macro Directory
Date: 09 Jul 2002 10:19:21 +0200
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark D Roth <address@hidden> writes:

>> Hello, is anyone out there...? ;)

I can still hear the echo of your voice :)

Mark> Guys, it's been almost a month since I've heard anything about
Mark> this.  

Sorry about this.  Work, fun and vacations.  Everything that makes me
run away from Autoconf...

Paul> I'm waiting for Akim to look at it, since includes are his
Paul> specialty.  I understand that he's busy with Bison right now,
Paul> though.

That's the fun part :)

Mark>   * adds --prepend-include option to autoreconf, autoupdate,
Mark>     autoheader, autoscan, and autoconf
Mark>     (Note: the "-i" option was already taken for autoconf and
Mark>     autoreconf, so I left it off for those two scripts.)

Please, install the patch, it's fine with me.  Too bad for -i.  I'm
really frustrated: I meant to have all these tools follow the same set
of options.  We should probably move away from -i then.  I couldn't
find anything interesting in the GCS.  But that's for later.

Mark>   * process $AC_MACRO_PATH and @SITE_MACRO_DIR@ in autom4te instead of
Mark>     in autoconf

I don't think this is the right way to do it: AC stands for Autoconf,
and it's wrong to have Autoconf directories read for Autotest etc.
Please, don't include this part.  We'll find another solution (such as
adding --include-envvar, or whatever, to autom4te, and have
autom4te.cfg pass it for -l Autoconf).

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