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[PATCH 0/10] Whitespace robustness patch series

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: [PATCH 0/10] Whitespace robustness patch series
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 22:39:25 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

Hello autoconf-patches,

Here's a series of patches that, when applied, should allow for mostly
arbitrary characters

- in the absolute name of the source and build trees of Autoconf
  (but not in the relative $srcdir -- of course `make' cannot cope with
- in $TMPDIR,
- in the name of the autom4te cache file,
- in most command line arguments passed to Autoconf's programs
  (and even some for config.status).

For these, `make all check dist' will succeed if you use the latest
git Automake to bootstrap the tree (including a couple of pending
patches, which I guess I'll apply soon).

Note that this patch series will _not_ allow for white space in $prefix,
or, more generally, any of the installation directory variables.  Which
is the reason why `distcheck' will not succeed in a build tree with
spaces in the absolute name.

Now to the open issues:

- There is too much dwimmery going on in perl.  I think it needs more
than one quoting function; one for xsystem, and one for stuff like
    ... = new Autom4te::XFile "> $file"

but I wouldn't know how to make it foolproof.  First, if the space is
missing after `>' and $file begins with `>', then append mode is used.
But also, if $file begins with whitespace, that is just ignored anyway.
Not sure whether we want to protect the user from all such kinds of

- If the build tree name contains whitespace, the manpages come out
wrongly.  The synopsis says
|    dir with  spaces/build/bin/ifnames [OPTION] ...  [FILE] ...

instead of
|   ifnames [OPTION] ...  [FILE] ...

because `../tests/ifnames --help' outputs
| Usage: /tmp/dir with  spaces/build/bin/ifnames [OPTION] ...  [FILE] ...

Dunno whether it bothers me enough to fix it.

Anyway, I'd appreciate review, and of course also comments along the
lines of "may review in 2 weeks, please don't apply yet" or whatever
else you think.

Thanks to Ben Pfaff for teaching me `git rebase --interactive'.

FWIW, the patch mails are formatted using `git format-patch', which
means the Subject: line and everything before `^---$' are the ChangeLog
entry, then comes mail commentary, then the actual diff.  (Just in case
other people find this format a bit in need of getting used to.)


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