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generator rules

From: monkeyiq
Subject: generator rules
Date: 22 May 2001 22:54:01 +1000
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  I am not on the list, could you CC me please. Sorry if this is 
the wrong list, but I can not tell what the PRS list is about :(

Basically I had a bunch of rules like this one:

cp.o: generic_client.c
        $(COMPILE) \
                -DCLIENT_FOP_TYPE="fileutils_copy_op" \
                -DCLIENT_FOP_NEW="fileutils_copy_new" \
                -DCLIENT_HEADER="\"copy.h\"" \
                -o cp.o -c generic_client.c

and using automake (cvs) and autoconf (2.50) all I get is
$ make cp.o
make: Nothing to be done for `cp.o'.
$ ll cp.o
ls: cp.o: No such file or directory

Is there an FAQ on writing rules like this for the new automake


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