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Re: building/installing Python modules?

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Re: building/installing Python modules?
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 08:03:15 -0500

    skip> ... and then diddle some bits in arraymodule.c, neither
    skip> .../arraymodule.o nor ..../ get rebuilt the next time I
    skip> run make.

    christoph> On my system (linux 2.4, python 2.1.1), the dependency stuff
    christoph> works well. In fact in the above situation, one single
    christoph> 'python install' command would be enough. 

Thanks for reporting that it works for you.  It works for me as well to
modify the direct C source file that forms the basis for the .so file.  I
believe I must have been confused thinking of the situation when a .h file

    christoph> However, for a python developer it has much less effort to
    christoph> use distutils, because one does only has to learn _one_
    christoph> language (python) instead of 3 or 4 for the auto* stuff.

Sure, if all you want to distribute is a few extension modules.  What about
if you want to distribute the library they wrap as well?  That's where the
auto*/libtool gang comes in (I hope - it's difficult enough for me to figure
out how this works that I'm still pondering the benefits).  Distutils won't
help there, and in that case, by eliminating I would be eliminating
yet another configuration file format people have to know about.  (Forget
that it happens to be Python code.  You still have to know what calls to


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