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Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x

From: Tom Williams
Subject: Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:03:41 -0700

Hi!  I'm trying DESPERATELY to figure out an automake configuration
problem that has plagued Mesa 4.x distributions for a LONG time.  Here
is the deal, the libGLU library needs to be linked as a *shared* library

using g++ (using the gcc 3.1 compiler suite) and NOT gcc.  g++ is used
to make all of the object modules that are in the shared library,, but gcc is used adn the result is an undefined symbol that
prevents OTHER apps that use libGLU from operating correctly.

I think this is partly due to a buglet in g++, based on info I found in
the gcc documentation on C++ exception handling.  I'm writing to this
mailing to see how to configure the automake ".am" files to use "g++" to

create the shared library and NOT gcc.

Outside of posting the file to this list, where is the
BEST place to start?

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!



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