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Re: Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x
Date: 14 Jul 2002 23:09:01 -0600
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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Williams <address@hidden> writes:

Tom> Hi!  I'm trying DESPERATELY to figure out an automake
Tom> configuration problem that has plagued Mesa 4.x distributions for
Tom> a LONG time.

What version of automake are you using?

Tom> I think this is partly due to a buglet in g++, based on info I
Tom> found in the gcc documentation on C++ exception handling.  I'm
Tom> writing to this mailing to see how to configure the automake
Tom> ".am" files to use "g++" to create the shared library
Tom> and NOT gcc.

I assume you're using libtool and that libGLU_la_SOURCES has files
which are identifiably C++ in it (.cc, .cxx, ...).  In that case, I
think g++ should automatically be used to link the library.

If that's all true, we can start by looking at the generated Makefile
to see what we're passing to libtool.  That will let us know if the
bug is in libtool, automake, or the configure code (presumably the
code that comes with libtool).

Also, what version of libtool are you using?


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