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Re: tarball checksum/signature targets?

From: Dr. David Kirkby
Subject: Re: tarball checksum/signature targets?
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:24:25 +0100

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Thanks - my goal is to produce some number of checksum files (md5, "sum",
> pgp, gpg, whatever) at the time I produce the distribution *balls.
> I'd then "publish" the *balls and checksum files.
> I'm not sure I care about validating this on the user's side yet, but I can
> see that it would be Useful to have utility that would compare a *ball with
> the distributed checksum files as well.
> H
In my case, the user is given a bitmap (say foo.bmp), runs my program,
and produces foo.E.bmp, foo.Ex.bmp, foo.Ey.bmp, foo.V.bmp (about 6
bitmaps in total). Hence I validate the build of my program on the
user's machine, by comparing the checksums of the files they generate,
to those expected. 

I'm concerned, since the program does things like multi-threading and
distributed processing, so it is quite feasable to get junk results if
things are not working as they should. 

It's obviously different to what you want. I can see the point in what
you want. The md5 I posted could perhaps be integrated into automake.
I tried extracting md5 from all the bits in the GNU utils, but that
was a pain. Then I found the one program I posted. 
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