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Re: Tools under Windows

From: BRM
Subject: Re: Tools under Windows
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 07:16:59 -0800 (PST)

--- Howard Chu <address@hidden> wrote:
> Keith MARSHALL wrote:
> > BRM wrote:
> >> I´ve been playing around with it a bit today,
> mostly
> >> MSYS, and have thus far only had one issue with
> it -
> >> cl won´t compile the program because of bad
> parameters
> >> being passed to it (since MSYS uses // instead of
> /).
> >> (Not sure if that´s an issue for you guys,
> mingw-msys,
> >> or the cccl guy; advice appreciated.)
> > 
> > Does MSVC not allow you to use `-' rather than `/'
> as the
> > switch leader?
> Yes, MSVC accepts '-'. Generally Makefiles that were
> written for Windows 
>   use slashes, but it's best to convert everything
> to dashes. I went 
> through this exercise for the Mozilla codebase
> several months ago...

Interesting. When I was playing with it over the
weekend, cl wasn't working for some reason, and
wouldn't compile my test program under MSYS unless I
used a modified cccl to convert the parameters.
However, I ran it this morning, and it ran just fine
after I removed the '-g' from the CFLAGS in the

Thanks.  I've been looking forward to learning
autoconf/automake for sometime now, and just now had
the opportunity - and I have to support
Linux/Unix/Windows at the same time (just made sense).

Thanks for the help.


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