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libtool : No rule to make target with LDADD

From: Sylvestre Ledru
Subject: libtool : No rule to make target with LDADD
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 18:33:24 +0200


I am designing the compilation system of Scilab using the autotools.
It was using a system of included Makefile to perform the compile. I
migrated everything using auto* & libtools.

I build all the libs without problems.

Now, I am stucking with the linkage of the binary with the built libs.

In my root I have :
bin_PROGRAMS            = scilex

scilex_SOURCES          = \
        routines/default/mainsci.f \
        routines/default/FTables.c \

scilex_LDADD =  $(top_builddir)/routines/

After an autoreconf, configure and make, it stops with the error :
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `routines/ ', needed by
`scilex'.  Stop.
I have the same issue with scilex_LDADD = routines/
(but I have better result with CFLAGS = -lscilab but I prefer not using
this solution).

Despite the fact that the compilation worked :
scilab4/routines$ ls -al .libs/libscilab.*
... 3205 2006-07-27 17:56
...    8 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/libscilab.a
...   15 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/ -> ../
... 1654 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/libscilab.lai
...   18 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/ ->
...   18 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/ ->
... 7339 2006-07-27 17:56 .libs/
(it is normal if those files are small).

I used some from gimp, freeciv and a few other programs as
example... Is there something that I missed somewhere ?

Otherwise, an other question, I would like to know if libtool is able to
compile "everything" using the libtool _DEPENDENCIES ?

Thank you very much,

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