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multiline variables and AC_SUBST

From: David Byron
Subject: multiline variables and AC_SUBST
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:10:25 -0700

Pretty sure this is both an automake and autoconf question, but somehow it
seems like the automake list is the place to start.

I just unwrapped a fresh copy of autoconf 2.60 to take advantage of
multiline variables in AC_SUBST.  I really only want the values to appear in
C code, not in Makefiles.  I think I'm running into some part of this

What I think I want to do in is:

FOO="/** a comment */
#define blah \"some value\""



where contains:


This part of it is working fine.  Unfortunately, my Makefile also contains:

FOO=/** a comment */
typedef int blah;

and make complains about a missing separator.

Is there some way to keep


out of

Thanks much.


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