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How to handle data/script files in a VPATH build ?

From: Sylvestre Ledru
Subject: How to handle data/script files in a VPATH build ?
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 12:24:10 +0100


I am trying to enable the VPATH path build of a software.

The whole compilation process is fine but I am stuck at the end of the
I need to call a script to finish the build process. This script will be
run against data files.

In my, I have: 
all-local: macros
macros: $(top_builddir)/bin/myscript
        $(top_builddir)/bin/myscript $(top_builddir)/dataDir/myData.sci

Obviously, this works when I am building my application in the source
tree but it fails when building as VPATH.

I cannot change top_builddir by top_srcdir since I need both the data
and script to be available in the build tree.

Is there a trick here ? (besides adding specific install target for the
VPATH case for each SUBDIRS).


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