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[avr-chat] proper voodoo caps for ATmega168 (28-pin DIP)

From: Joe Strout
Subject: [avr-chat] proper voodoo caps for ATmega168 (28-pin DIP)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 22:16:08 -0600

Stupid newbie question time...

What are the recommended noise suppression capacitors for this chip? Of course I want one between VCC and ground (pins 7 and 8), but on the other side, we have GND, AREF, and AVCC (pins 22 through 20). I know that AVCC should be connected to VCC "through a low-pass filter" (means capacitor, nes pas?). And my intuition is to put a cap between AVCC and GND, but what about AREF? Should we add one there too?

- Joe

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