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Re: [avr-chat] Do people like the XMEGA?

From: Erik Walthinsen
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] Do people like the XMEGA?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 07:43:02 -0800
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On 02/14/2013 09:29 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
Eric, it looks like they use a separate FTDI chip for USB comms. Do you think 
the XMEGA could handle the motion control AND USB at the same time? I suspect 
it can, especially since I think the USB interrupt can be given a lower 
priority, but I'm just asking anyway.

Yeah, it should work fine even if you use the CPU at nearly full-blast. The USB hardware responds with NAKs until your code feeds it a response, so it very tolerant in that regard.

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