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[avr-chat] my USBasp programmer does not work but the one from ebay is w

From: YuGiOhJCJ Mailing-List
Subject: [avr-chat] my USBasp programmer does not work but the one from ebay is working
Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 19:10:23 +0200


I am using an ebay USBasp programmer since several months but I would like to 
build my own USBasp for fun.
I build the firmware available in [1].
Then, I flash the memory of an ATMEL ATMEGA8 using avrdude and my ebay USBasp 
After that, I follow the schematics available in [1].
Finally, I connect my USB cable and an other ATMEL ATMEGA8 to my breadboard 
then I try my new USBasp programmer.

When I connect my USBasp programmer I got this*:
[20334.276595] usb 2-1.5: new low-speed USB device number 12 using ehci-pci
[20339.367470] usb 2-1.5: New USB device found, idVendor=16c0, idProduct=05dc
[20339.367481] usb 2-1.5: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, 
[20339.367484] usb 2-1.5: Product: USBasp
[20339.367487] usb 2-1.5: Manufacturer: www.fischl.de

If I call avrdude I got this**:
avrdude: Warning: cannot query manufacturer for device: Connection timed out
avrdude: Warning: cannot query product for device: Connection timed out
avrdude: error: could not find USB device with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc 
vendor='www.fischl.de' product='USBasp'

avrdude done.  Thank you.

This is a photo of my breadboard:

I am wondering if you can guess what could be the problem.

Any idea ?

Thank you.
Best regards.

[1] http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz

* sometimes I got some strange errors like this :
[22904.431625] usb 2-1.5: unable to read config index 0 descriptor/all
[22904.431631] usb 2-1.5: can't read configurations, error -110
but if I disconnect then reconnect the USB cable, these errors disappear.

** sometimes I got "Broken pipe" instead of "Connection timed out"

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