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Re: Support for ATTINY827, 1627 and 3227

From: dvalin
Subject: Re: Support for ATTINY827, 1627 and 3227
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 17:03:36 +1030

On 22.02.23 10:23, Konrad Rosenbaum wrote:
> So to compile an Arduino sketch you definitely need Arduino installed,
> because it uses its own libraries. You may be able to compile on the command
> line once you observed what the "magic" calls are. I never tried to compile
> sketches on the command line, I copied some of the more mundane calls into
> my own Makefiles and then abandoned the Arduino libraries - it seemed like a
> saner approach to me.

Ahh, now you're talking. I'll give that a try if I venture down that path.

> If you just have a sketch from an outside source, it is definitely easier to
> just start the GUI and compile the sketch from in there. Don't worry, the
> GUI is so terrible that it is almost reminiscent of the old SunOS days...
> ;-)

Ah, SunOS 4.1.3, those were the days. (Which we thought would never

> It's a good way to get people started on microcontrollers, but almost
> everybody eventually emancipates from it.

Gotta start somewhere. In my day it was the three-chip 8080, then the
8085, and a 16 bit TMS9900 at home. Nuthin' but assembler back then,
unless you used a macro preprocessor to invent your own.

Have nearly finished dismantling and carting workshop machinery nearly
250 km to an off-grid tree-change abode with two workshops, eight loads
so far. (The back of this suburban block is 70 feet higher than the front,
and climbing on the roof to sweep off fallen sticks and leaves is less
advisable each year.) The UPDI programmer will let me dabble with the
higher resolution ADC in newer devices like the ATtiny826, for additional
data collection on the off-grid solar installation yet to go onto the new build
I designed and owner-built, despite being a bit past that, as no decent
quote could be found.

Thanks again for your help.


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