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[Axiom-developer] Upper and lower case problems

From: Keith Harrison
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Upper and lower case problems
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 09:41:01 +0100


Firstly let me say that you are doing a great job.

I downloaded the alpha version from Savannah and tried to install it on
my laptop. (I'm running windows XP. I use Vmware to run a redhat client.
Don't ask why :-))

My first error was to root everything at /SPAD. There are a number of
places in the code (and makefiles) where the file names are downshifted.
Thus the compile could not find "/spad/...". The cure was to make sure
the full pathname for the root directory did not contain upshifted
characters. E.g. /axiom or /home/kah/axiom. I think the one that got me
was in lsp/ccl/src/boot/Makefile  
           "DEPS = (load (string-downcase (quote ${IN}/npextras.lisp))".
OK it's part of GCL but it still burnt me.

My second error was to download the files to the windows host. I had
problems with a number of input files where there are files with the
same name (one upshifted and the other downshifted). EXPR.input.pamphlet
and expr.input.pamphlet for example. This will be a problem when you try
to compile on windows.

My last comment is that I tried compiling as root. And crashed linux. 

Installing as myself was successful. It took nearly 4 hours - but it

Keith Harrison 
HP Labs Bristol.

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