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Re: automake.texi and @acronym

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: automake.texi and @acronym
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 23:58:40 GMT

    The texinfo manual even uses @acronym{GNU} as

It's an example of how to use a Texinfo command.  It doesn't necessarily
mean that GNU manuals should use it.  There are plenty of Texinfo
commands which are there for "alternatives".

    Do you have a rationale for eliminating @acronym?

I've very very rarely seen it used in other GNU manuals.  The Texinfo
manual itself, for example, doesn't (aside from the description of the
command itself).  Emacs and GCC don't (last time I looked).  Etc.

Also, simplicity argues to remove it.  Do we really want hundreds of
'@acronym{GNU}"s scattered everywhere?  Yuck.

You might ask, why does it exist at all.  The answer is, in non-GNU
manuals, I sometimes wanted to print all-caps words in one point size
smaller type, which is a common typographical refinement.  However, GNU
manuals don't do this.

So I vote for the color "invisible" :).


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