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[PATCH] Prefer non-gender specific pronouns

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [PATCH] Prefer non-gender specific pronouns
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021 14:35:59 +1000
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Hi Chet,

Here you go, if you're inclined.  Minimally invasive and decidedly
non-revolutionary in terms on English lexicon.

Patch attached.

At 2021-06-05T23:29:58-0400, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
>       doc/oldbash.texi
>       178:manual.  Brian and Diane would like to thank Chet Ramey for his
>       9138:# The alternative explanation is that his frequent use of the

My "git grep" didn't turn this file up anyway.  Maybe I'm on the wrong

> That's three.  Pretty tractable for anyone so inclined.  (Didn't
> look at source code comments or anything.)

Thanks, Lawrence!


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