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Re: [Bug binutils/273] FAIL: size -A

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: [Bug binutils/273] FAIL: size -A
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 17:14:45 +0100
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Hi Dave,

-bash-2.05b$ ./size -A tmpdir/bintest.o
tmpdir/bintest.o  :
section       size   addr
$TEXT$           8      0
$CODE$           8      0
$LIT$            0      0
$MILLICODE$      0      0
$PRIVATE$        8      0
$DATA$           8      0
$BSS$            0      0
Total           32

The problem with the total is that we are double counting.  The $CODE$,
$LIT$ and $MILLICODE$ subspace make up the space $TEXT$.  $DATA$ and
$BSS$ make up the space $PRIVATE$.  Here are the details:

Hmm - it seems to me that we must either teach the size program about subspaces as a generic thing, or else have a target specific extension to the program which can display sections and sub-spaces specifically for the SOM format.

Personally I tend towards the latter as it could be contained in a separate file and only minimally intrudce into the generic size sources.


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