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Re: cvs export bug.

From: Anthony Caetano
Subject: Re: cvs export bug.
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:28:45 +0200

                                I removed all the DEFAULT and ALL and other
lines that I had changed in the admin files.  I cleaned the admin files out
totally and the problem remained.  It still creates a CVS directory when
doing the export and then fails for the:
                                cvs [export aborted]: cannot export into
working directory

                                I will continue looking at the problem -- I
should have time next week to do a source install and then debug it (if
still happens then that is).

                                Thanks for the feedback though.

                                Anthony Caetano

                        04/20/01 07:50 PM
        To:     Anthony Caetano/RUN/debis@debisZA
        cc:     bug-cvs@gnu.org@SMTP@debisEx
        Subject:        Re: cvs export bug.     

                                Check for administrative files that have
DEFAULT or ALL entries -- I
                                seem to recall fixing problems relating to
exporting directories that
                                were affected by certain administrative
files, although I think it was
                                only a problem in client/server mode.

                                -Larry Jones

                                These things just seem to happen. -- Calvin

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