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Re: Make error

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Make error
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:23:16 -0400
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melissa.fielding@highmark.com wrote:

Sorry about the MIME stuff.  I didn't know I was even sending anything like
I wasn't sure what line 700 was for src/filesubr.c, so I vi'ed the file and
did a ":700" to get to line 700 in the script.  I hope this is what you
were referring to.

Line 700 is the following:

retval = tempnam (Tmpdir, "cvs");

I also included some of the surrounding lines:

cvs_temp_name ()
   char *retval;

   retval = tempnam (Tmpdir, "cvs");
   if (retval == NULL)
error (1, errno, "cannot generate temporary filename");

melissa.fielding@highmark.com writes:
There aren't any errors, just some warnings.  Most of them seem
innocuous, but I'm a bit concerned by:

"filesubr.c", line 700: warning: improper pointer/integer combination: op

What function prototypes do you see when you `man -a tempnam'?



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