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Re: Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)

From: Rob Lanphier
Subject: Re: Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)
Date: 09 May 2003 15:22:41 -0700

Hi Larry,

Comments inline:

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 13:12, Larry Jones wrote:
> Rob Lanphier writes:
> > We're longtime CVS users, and in general, we're very happy with it. 
> > However, there is one feature that has long annoyed us.  We wish the
> > "-l" switch didn't exist, which allows any user to suppress logging.
> Why?  What's in the history file that you can't live without?

Checkouts, updates, the whole bit.  We're running the Helix Community
(https://www.helixcommunity.org), which includes code that we've open
sourced, and is central to our day-to-day business.  As such, we need to
be as meticulous with the logfiles as other websites are with their web
logs (there are whole businesses built around weblog analysis).

>   If you want guaranteed logging, you can always use loginfo and
> friends.

That's an interesting possibility.  We'll have to look into that with
CollabNet.  There's some testing that we can do locally as well.  One
question, though: does cvs -l suppress filtering through loginfo?  I
suppose we'll find that out from testing, but if you know for sure one
way or another, that may save us some time.

Rob Lanphier, Helix Community Coordinator - RealNetworks
http://helixcommunity.org http://rtsp.org http://realnetworks.com

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