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Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)

From: Rob Lanphier
Subject: Suppressing log suppression (down with the -l switch)
Date: 09 May 2003 09:50:54 -0700

Hi all,

We're longtime CVS users, and in general, we're very happy with it. 
However, there is one feature that has long annoyed us.  We wish the
"-l" switch didn't exist, which allows any user to suppress logging.  As
a result, we always end up patching our local installation to disable
this feature (and, in fact, alert us when someone tries to use it...it's
generally proven to be a good sign that they are up to no good).

Here's the patch that we routinely apply:

diff -r -U3 cvs-1.11.2/src/server.c cvs-1.11.2-hubbe/src/server.c
--- cvs-1.11.2/src/server.c     Tue Mar 19 11:15:45 2002
+++ cvs-1.11.2-hubbe/src/server.c       Tue Aug  6 16:50:23 2002
@@ -2192,8 +2192,15 @@
             really_quiet = 1;
         case 'l':
-           logoff = 1;
-           break;
+       {
+         char *user = CVS_Username;
+         if(!user)  user = "unknown";
+         syslog (LOG_DAEMON | LOG_NOTICE, "CVS User '%s' tried to use the 
-l flag.", user);
+       }
+         logoff = 0;
+         break;
         case 't':
             trace = 1;
Only in cvs-1.11.2-hubbe/src: server.c~

Now we're also CollabNet customers, which means that we don't control
our installation of CVS.  However, our stance on this feature hasn't
changed (in fact, now that our CVS repository is open to the general
public, it becomes even more critical).  Is there some way that this
patch can be incorporated in a mainstream fashion (e.g. at least as some
sort of administrator configurable option)?  


Rob Lanphier, Helix Community Coordinator - RealNetworks
http://helixcommunity.org http://rtsp.org http://realnetworks.com

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