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SIGSEGV in error.c:155 using cvs-1.11.6

From: David Shea
Subject: SIGSEGV in error.c:155 using cvs-1.11.6
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 23:25:33 -0400

When I tried to create a new file in a CVS repository to which I don't
have write access, the remote CVS process segfaulted.  I was connecting to
the server using ssh.  The local process output the following:

cvs server: ERROR: cannot write file /repository/project/newfile,v: Permission 
Terminated with fatal signal 11
Core dumped; preserving /tmp/cvs-serv8268 on server.
CVS locks may need cleaning up.

The corresponding core dump on the server indicated that the segfault
occurred when strlen was called with a NULL argument in error.c at line
155.  Adding a check for NULL at that line gets rid of the segfault and
the following is now output after the "Permission denied" message:

server: Couldn't open rcs file `': Bad address
cvs server: cannot remove : Bad address

I'm using cvs-1.11.6 and glibc-2.3.2, both compiled with gcc-3.2.3

David Shea

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